Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission:  To be a source of life and connection for our community and congregation

We have a vision to see everyone who calls Town Center home living lives that are always GROWING and MULTIPLYING...

Planted: This world is not our home, God carried us and planted us here to reach and serve this community      Jeremiah 29:4-7

Rooted: This is our call to be a place of stability and health as we lead others to know and follow Jesus       

Colossians 2:6-7


Branching Out: To bear fruit that can be life-giving to our community as we reach out to the marginalized and downtrodden      

John 15:5-17


Dying to Multiply: Living sacrificially as Jesus did and in doing so, multiply the opportunities for others to know Him personally       

John 12:24

Our Values

  • We value people who are disconnected from God
  • We value safe, healthy, authentic relationships
  • We value equipping and sending disciples of Jesus who multiply disciples of Jesus
  • We value intimate and corporate life-changing prayer