Current Teaching Series

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches many people begin to plan for family gatherings and give thanks for the way God has blessed them. 

Many people also begin looking for ways to bless others. In fact, God promised that His people would be a blessing to the whole world. 

This November we offer you some ideas of how you can #BLESS others in a way that will honor them, honor God and show them the love that Jesus has shown us!

In fact, it is the acronym B.L.E.S.S., here's what it means...

Begin with Prayer - Pray for whomever God has called you to bless
Listen with Care - Be a listener to what is really going on in their life
Eat Together - Share a meal together with them
Serve One Another - Find ways to actively serve them
Share Your Story - Be willing to share your story of God's love

Let's make this trend! #BLESS a few others this holiday season!